Monday, November 8, 2010

It's A New Day

I suppose I should allow myself to welcome defeat and give into my emotions. But my mom would kick my ass if she thought I would give up so easily.I have a precious daughter that takes my breath away. Not gonna check out that easily.

Tigger has slept next to my feet for the past few nights. Tigger is Sami's cat. Tigger is almost one and the sweetest kitty ever. I think he senses a shift in the energy around him. Enough negative energy. I must get my mind together.

I have plans...

We are in the process of trademarking my As One logos. I have a copyright but want to make sure my name is trademarked too. I need to change my profile pic to it. Maybe I will remember to do that today.

My plans are to license my logo to the lgbtq community retailers. Starting in Asheville NC. There must be 200 stores there. I can hear Lisa (my partner of 12yrs) say "THANK YOU FOR THESE YEARS, BUT I RETIRE. :o)"  That's music to my ears. I can hear her saying that and laughing until she crys. lol

I have 2 homes to build right away for the family. I plan to build them at the same time. Lisa will stay busy taking care of the houses with the help of our friend Christy. Christy is a kitchen designer in Asheville :o) Lisa & I have decided to move to Asheville once As One hits. Which I am planning within 8 months, by July 2011.

I feel a shift taking place. I told Lisa last night I feel like I can take on the world. This is a new type of manic to me. Typically manic for me means rage. I feel so calm and focused right now. Maybe its the rope mom drops down for me from tme to time. But I am a fighter, lover and dreamer. And I refuse to let go, rope burns and all.

Imagine it....

Standing on the porch mid October. Looking out into the mnts of Asheville. The breath taking fall leaves fall from the sky like winter snow will soon. As the evening fades the lights from the beautiful city below will soon be reflecting in the eyes of the one you love more than your next breath.

I can feel the cool breeze blowing as Lisa holds me tight and Sami says "It's cold out here lol"

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