Friday, December 10, 2010

Make a difference...

It's so easy to forget what the holidays are meant for. I am grateful I am able to make a difference in a lil girls life this Christmas. Hannah is 7, just like my Sami. Hannah is the lil girl we sponsor every month for just $28. Being a sponsor is more than just paying the $ each month. It's a moment in your life to let a child know they mean something. I am not rich by no means. I am on disability and pinch pennies like most of you. But I have made it a point to remember how I grew up. My mom had 7 of us to raise with an alcholic dad that done everything but the right thing.

I do my best to at least send Hannah a letter each month with a little something in it. Silly bands, stickers or something that lets her know I am thinking about her. I can only imagine how she must feel to know a stranger cares for her.

Make a difference someway, somehow this Christmas and make a childs day.

(((hugs))) Hannah